Corporate Risk Planning

We are a professional strategic alliance which make up by lawyers, accountants and business advisors to diversify corporate risk by ways of legal, tax and emergency funding. We mainly focused on the needs of leveraging the risk of shareholders in terms of company gearing, cash flow and succession of a business. These planning and schemes are professionally evaluated based on customer’s needs, where solving a company’s problem is the most critical move to inherit the business value over generations and continue to generate profit and grow bigger in term of Company Mission, Vision & Value.

The main core services that we provide are Corporate Trusts in conjunction with Emergency Fund Injection Scheme, Employee Appreciation Program, Keyman Schemes, Guarantor Indemnity Schemes & Shareholders Buy-Sell Agreement in either to Asset-based business or Knowledge-based business, to help achieved the best outcome of our solution.

In conclusion, we are developing a strategic planning and funding schemes to obtain a great cushion and served a long term vision enterprising by diversifying corporate risk with an objective to grow and outperform over generations.





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