Succession planning for the continuance of family values, culture and wisdom

The MGR Financial Group assists families with succession planning and the continuation of family values, Culture and wisdom. Our Qualified Family Legacy Planners advise families on ways to build strong and healthy intergenerational relationships, creating an enduring succession plan.

Family legacy succession is a journey that needs comprehensive planning. Our Qualified Family Legacy Planners guide Families through the assessment process, covering their unique status and circumstances based on five dimensions, Value consensus, relationship sustainability, enterprise succession, knowledge transformation and wealth management.

Through this careful best-practice process, we help families identify the DNA of their success from their own history and family values, and recommend solutions based on the results derived and the challenges they face. In the way, families have a reference for future family and business development.

We are committed to providing a complete spectrum of family business succession planning services. Our Qualified Family Legacy Planners have a wealth of legacy planning knowledge and expertise, They engage in regular professional traning and always adhere to the highest standards of competence and integrity in customising legacy blueprints to meet every client’s unique needs.