Private Trust

Private trust is an independent fund to protect the family members of the policyholders and aim to provide solution towards estate leftover by nominating a trustee. This independent fund is insured by the Service Law under Law of Malaysia. It is vary across different people and is fully customized and tailored to suit based on the preference of policyholders.

Types of funds are as below:

1) Single Parent Family Trust Fund
2) Newlyweds Trust Fund
3) Family Wealth Trust Fund
4) Special Need Condition Children
5) Philanthropist Trust Fund

Single Parent Family Trust Fund

Imagine when a single parent bring up the children, the main worry by the parent is the problems and issues that the children will be facing in future such as where the children could acquire funds to support daily expenses, education and also medical fees after the parent ceased. Besides, it will be a nightmare if the parent demised, the estate would be frozen until Grant of Probate (GP) is granted and this is where this trust fund could take place to resolve the deadlock.

Newlyweds Trust Fund

It is a great fortune for new married have a newlywed’s trust fund to provide a financial protection and risk transfer. This trust is a lifelong guarantee for the spouse, showing the commitment and responsibility of the other half and the children to be met in the future in the form of gift of love. There is no alternative to the promise of love for newlyweds, but to bear the trust of all living expenses such as living, education, medical care, mortgage loan and even preparing a portion of the funds for daily travel, beauty treatment, slimming and etc. Therefore, this trust is the best gift for newlywed of this century, guaranteeing our commitment and responsibility for our partner’s lifelong commitment.

Family Wealth Trust Fund

Family Wealth Trust Fund is an investment, business and family planning tools that established by bunch of middle-aged people used to protect their company & Family assets. From the family perspective, in order to fulfil this modem generation education level and maintaining their children living standard, it is very important and significant to protect their assets and business to secure their future. Talking to those enterprises and investors, their family financial status may suffer in serious crisis and impact due to their investment area might have higher chance to bear the risk. Therefore, in order to live under a circumstance that consists of different type of risk and uncertainty, the Family Wealth Trust Fund is inevitable for every family to have a better protection.

Special Need Trust Fund

In the modern society, a family that need to support a children who have down’s syndrome, depression or mental retardation have been discovered as a helpless and painful story. In fact, this does not cause the burden on financial only but also on psychological, so the special need trust will play a main role on this, especially towards the family who have special children. Special need trust will help in financial and allocate/arrange the special children to the care centre. So, special need trust play important function on financial support like provide living expenses, nutrition treatment and expenses of care centre.

Philanthropy Trust Fund

Nowadays, there have many kind people are willing to do philanthropy in live. Therefore, the philanthropy business is necessary activity to help the people who are lower income citizens and the patient who suffer in illness. Hence, when the kind person passed away, this philanthropy trust fund could provide sustainability for the fund. It is another education way, to remind their next generation that the giving prosperous is better than taking. Philanthropy trust fund is a type of beauty will, which it contributes back to the society for those in need.














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